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presenting Berendo Jr High School Alumni

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This page is provided for those of you who had graduated from Berendo Jr. High School. The school has changed its name to Berendo Middle School, which is located on Berendo St., at 12th St. 


Berendo Crusaders, 1911
Newspaper: The Berendo Banner

According to Wikipedia, many famous people graduated from Berendo Jr. High School:

Jimmy Doolittle - General and World War II hero, winner of highest honors our nation can bestow, who planned and led the famous Tokyo raid using land based bombers launched from air craft carriers

Ray Bradbury - the internationally known science fiction writer, many of whose books were made into movies, also attended Berendo

Cornelius Johnson - Gold Medal Olympic Champion, high jump, 1936, 6'7"

Kathleen Key - 1917 - Silent Movie Star, featured in "Ben Hur"

Gene Mauch - baseball player and manager of the California Angels baseball team, as well as many other teams

Edgar Bergen - Famous ventriloquist

Jane Wyman - Movie Star, Academy Award winner for her portrayal of a handicapped girl in "Johnny Belinda"; Married to Ronald Reagen

Mamie Van Doren - Movie Star and Sex Symbol, Famous for her "Aqua Velva Girl" advertisements

Anita Louise - Actress for both movies and stage

Miiko Taka - Movie Star, played lead role in "Sayonara"

Victor Harris - baseball player, Montreal Expos and San Francisco Giants

Hugo Perez - soccer player, U.S. Olympic team in 1984

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