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Belmont High School Alumni

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This page provides information on students, teachers, administrators and staff at Belmont High School.

Go to Recent and Upcoming Events for latest news and reunions scheduled or being planned.

Belmont says goodbye to the following teachers and staff


Roger Butcher
Richard Higa
Doris Hirosawa
John Lackner
Jackie Lang
Richard Ming
Dolores Montante
Maria Olmos
Mary Ellen Rivera
Nury Serrano
Steve Visotsky

Transferring or new career-

Noel Bautista - SouthEast HS
Sandy Drinkward - Fairfax HS
Julie Garrett - Venice HS
Ellen Knight - Virgil Middle School
Lynn Harvey - Santee HS
Gloria Llewyn - Santee HS
Eldiza McCammon - Santee HS
Tony Velie - Santee HS
John Orendorff - North Hollywood Zoo Magnet
Vivian Pittman - Marshall HS
Valerie Schultz - Mayfield High School
Glenn West - Complex Instruction Training (Stanford University)

Mimi Zolla - new career
Gino Iezza - Florida
Glenn Hutloff - Charter School, Malibu
David Maegher - ?
Dr. Birckich - ?


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Belmont Band and Cheerleaders perform during a football game.


Looking at Los Angeles Downtown from Belmont football field.

Belmont history

Belmont Campanile yearbook covers:


1986 yearbook cover


1993 yearbook cover


1997 yearbook cover


2002 yearbook cover

School is located at

Belmont High School, 1575 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles CA 90026.