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Belmont High School Alumni


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Student Body Pledge

We the students of Belmont High School, pledge that we will keep our campus free of disorderly conduct;

to allow no discourtesy to detract from the respect due those who take part in our assemblies;

and to constantly keep in mind the loyalties and traditions of Belmont.

Belmont Alma Mater

Hail to Alma Mater
Yes, we love our old Crown Hill;
We are proud to share her glory
Our duty to fulfill.
We love and honor Belmont
We will hold her staunch and sure
"Enter to learn, go forth to serve"
In our motto that will endure.


Class Names
S'59 - Praetorians
W'63 - Thesians
S'63 - Centurions
W'65 - Verites
S'65 - Corinthians
W'66 - Praetorians
S'66 - Les Savants
W'67 - Athenian
S'67 - Ephesians
S'68 - Alihians
W'68 - Les Vivants
W'69 - Valedesians
S'70 - Les Choises
1973 - Los Sonadores
1974 - Conquistadores
1975 - Alihians
1976 - Spirit of '76
1977 - Spartans
1978 - Elites
1979 - Genesis
1983 - Futurians
1989 - Majesics
1990 - Les Classiques
1992 - Celestians
1994 - Illusions
1997 - Visionaries
1998 - Legacies
2000 -  Omegans
2002 - Dynasties


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